Turkey is one of the pioneers of the medical field in the world

The medical sector in Turkey has continued its development and progress until the treatment in the country has become a source of healing for all people from all over the world, over the years has improved the medical situation in the country from the old situation, which has helped in Turkey’s progress in treatment as a country recognized in terms of technological progress In treatment.

Turkey has the best medical treatment as a candidate for the European Union and seeks to maintain this level and progress more to ensure the protection of the patient, and is considered one of the strongest country in the medical field compared to Germany, the United States and England, where studies show that Turkey gives low costs for medical treatment compared to that country.

There are 375 private hospitals in Turkey and Turkey is the leading country in hospitals and clinics because of the provision of a full service for foreign patients, if you are traveling to Turkey and seek to use medical services there, you need to know some information: Know your analysis and your needs for types of treatment which will help you find The right doctor to meet your requests.After you find a doctor who meets your treatment you should inquire about it to know more about his experiences and after that step you should talk about your health, you should talk to him about the costs, opinions and recommendations to avoid misunderstanding, make sure to speak a language understandable by both parties.

If you do not need medical treatment in the hospital but your health condition requires a small treatment contribution, you can go to pharmacies located on all streets, pharmacists trained to diagnose and give you the appropriate treatment for your case in case you do not need to go to a hospital.

If you have an emergency call the ambulance and if you are staying in a hotel you can call the reception to help you, when you take the emergency unit in a hospital in Turkey will not be charged for any expenses in the ambulance unit, but when you visit private hospitals in Turkey will cost several expenses, but less Of the costs in the United Nations and less than private hospital treatment in other European countries and Russia, India and Brazil.

According to the latest statistics, more than 200,000 patients visited Turkey last year, including obesity, organ transplants, cardiac surgery and hair transplant center.

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